lpg installations

LPG installations provide a quick and cost effective way of connecting up to gas without having to go through the arduous process of getting a natural gas connection. Some care needs to be taken in setting up an LPG installations to provide the required gas loadings and prevent phthalates ( contaminants ) from entering the gas system.

Note: LPG pigtails ( hoses ) are required to be changed every

five years, to prevent them failing and potentially causing a gas leak.

Although 9kg cylinders are fine for barbecues, we commonly see them running whole house installations inclusive of hot water, this is poor trade practice that does not meet the gas co and can lead to premature failure of gas appliances and subsequent risk.

At Wyatt Plumbing and Gas we use a correctly designed LPG installations . This involves twin 45kg cylinders along with an appropriate sized regulator, condensation trap and auto change over valve.


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